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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Sunscreen for Indoor

My melasma is getting worse although I hardly go outdoor. Should I use sunscreen indoor?

Yes you should!


Ultraviolet rays can get to you even if you just stay indoors.

Do not underestimate the amount of ultraviolet rays that pass through the windows or glass door. clear glass allows 75% of UVA rays through. Even if there is tinting, up to 50% of the UVA rays may still pass through.

Travelling in a car? The  ultraviolet rays may pass through the car windows. 

Indoor lighting particularly fluorescent lighting, especially if the distance from the skin is close. This means desk lamps, bed lamps and overhead lamps are not a good idea for those with melasma and photosensitivity.

Other sources include TV monitors, computer monitors, tablets etc. Luckily nowadays, most traditional monitors have been replaced by LCD display which do not emit UV rays. They still do emit high energy visible lights though.

What you can do?

Add acrylic or plastic diffusers to indoor lights.
Choose incandescent bulbs or LEDs rather than fluorescent lights .
Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen and use it even indoor.

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