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Monday, 21 August 2017

"Dress code" for eczema

I have severe eczema and I tend to scratch a lot. I find it embarassing to go out to meet people with all the rashes and scratch marks on my skin, in particularly on my legs. What should I wear?

Many people with eczema has similar struggle. While we do not want you to fight with your wardrobe and to limit your style of fashion, but choosing the right clothing can help you feel comfortable and make peace with your skin.

The softer the cloth, the gentler it is to your skin.

Cotton clothes is usually gentle and comfortable to the skin.

As a general rule, avoid wool, synthetic fabrics and lace especially if it is irritating to your skin.

Functional textiles

There are some studies on the use of functional textiles. These include the use of silk, antimicrobial silk and silver impregnated fabrics. The support is weak but at least there is no hazard to try (no hazard to your skin, but may be hazardous to your wallet, haha).
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