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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sunscreen and Moisturiser

Should I apply moisturiser before or after the sunscreen?

One of the frequently asked questions!

Save those bucks on day time moisturiser for a better sunscreen because you don't need another moisturiser to go with the sunscreen.

Using an extra moisturiser may reduce the actual amount of sunscreen applied on the face. And that means you are even farther away from the magical 2mg/cm2 figure to reach the labelled SPF value on the sunscreen bottle.

  1. If you feel your skin is too dry and need extra moisture, choose a thicker cream base sunscreen. If you feel your skin is often greasy and oily, choose a gel, fluid or lotion base sunscreen. Better still, choose one with diamethicone, so that it is occlusive with that extra protection effect, yet not leaving the greasy feeling.
  2. Apply sunscreen half hour before leaving the house and reapply every 2 hours particularly if you go under the sun.
  3. Don't leave out the back of the neck! Other commonly miss area include the ears and the toes.

Enjoy slapping your sunscreen away!

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