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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Do's and Don'ts of Using Topical Steroids In Eczema

  1. Use steroids on affected area (Touch and feel your skin with your fingers if you are not sure, affected skin areas are rough, bumpy and thick with different texture compare to unaffected area.)
  2. Apply adequate amount of steroids.
  3. Apply steroids onto dry area.
  4. Use steroids once to twice a day or whenever necessary.
  5. Smooth the steroids in the direction of hair growth, especially if the area is hairy and you are using a greasy ointment.
  6. Leave 30 minutes in between applying another topical preparations onto the same area of the skin.
  1. Do not use steroids in ointment form onto wet and weepy area (more often than not, wet and weepy areas are infected).
  2. Do not use strong steroids on thin skin area such as genitals and face particularly around the eyes, unless instructed by your doctor. (ask your doctor how long you can use it on your face)
  3. Do not use strong steroids under occlusion (under dressings, tight clothing, folded skin area such as in the buttock folds), unless instructed by your doctor. (Occlusion increases absorption)
  4. Do not use steroids to raw skin area.
  5. Do not apply occlusive ointment (such as mineral oils, paraffin, petrolatum) prior to steroids.
  6. Do not use steroids (and any other medicines) after expiry date.
  7. Do not share steroids (and any other medicines) with your family or friends.
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