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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Quick Fix for Acne

I've picked a pimple and it became red and swollen. I have an event coming up in 3 days. How do I speed up the healing process?

Are there quick fix for acne? 

The answer is yes. But we will need to assess the condition of the "red and swollen" acne to see if which fix is for you.

If the acne was "properly picked", the picking itself should have shortened this particular acne's "lifespan". You can hasten the recovery further by applying a non-comedogenic moisturiser.

By "properly picked", I mean it should be picked hygienically and completely without any residue or pus being left behind.

If the acne was not "properly picked", and has "swollen" and might even appear to be forming up a cyst, then you might need intralesional steroids (which means injecting low concentration of steroids directly to the cyst itself) to reduce the redness and the swelling quickly.

If the acne was not ready to be picked, light and laser treatment could be helpful to hasten its maturity so that it can heal faster.

If in doubt, it is always good to pay a visit to your nearest dermatology facility. If that is not possible before your event, a professional concealer could do the trick! ;P
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