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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Facial Mist Spray

"I hate applying cream and I'd rather use facial mist spray to hydrate my skin."

Using facial mist spray to hydrate the skin? You must be kidding me.

Water doesn't stay long on the skin, whatever being added in, hyaluronic acid or essential oil. It stays at best 3 minutes? Or 5 minutes? Depending on the additives and also the moisture in the surrounding air. Whatever it is, it is way too short to give adequate hydration. And nobody is going to carry a spray and spray every 30 minutes throughout the day! I don't.

If you mist your skin with water or a water-based product, IT WILL MAKE THE WATER IN YOUR SKIN EVAPORATE OUT! Yes, and this means it will leave your skin even more dehydrated and dryer than before.

How should facial mist spray or water spray be used?

You should apply a moisturiser when your skin is still damp, preferably an occlusive moisturiser that will prevent the water from evaporating to the environment.  Occlusive moisturiser are usually on the heavier side as they are often more oily. Examples of occlusives include petrolatum, triglycerides, beewax, lecithin, sequalene and various oils. Yes, some of these can be greasy and may not be good for acne prone skin.

Other ways that facial mist spray can be used include
  • Set the make-up
  • Refreshing stress relief especially after a long tired day
  • As a "toner" to clean and soothe irritated skin
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