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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Dark Eye Circles

Why are dark eye "circles" rather than semicircles? 

Probably because it can affect the upper eyelids in some people, not only the under eyes area.

Medical terms used for dark eye circles include periorbital melanosis, periorbital pigmentation, periocular hyperpigmentation, periorbital darkening etc.
Eye drops for glaucoma may cause temporary dark eye circles too. This is usually reversible once the medications are no longer needed.

Can you help me with my dark eye circles? 

As with any other medical concern, we have to first see the cause before discussing on treatment. And in many instances, it is more than just what some eye cream can solve.

There are many types and many ways of classifying dark eye circles. But generally dark eye circles can be cause be actual pigmentation (usually brown in colour), prominent vessels (usually bluish or purplish) and structural (skin colored), and frequently a combination of a few factors.

Aging and skin thinning, excessive sun exposure, fatigue and eye strain are among the most common cause of dark eye circles.

While patients are usually more concerned over the tired look, doctors should always look out for
💉Systemic causes (presence of other more severe medical illness)
💉Atopic diseases (often related with frequent rubbing)
💉Chronic sinusitis
💉Skin diseases
💉Nutritional deficiencies
💉Sleep disturbances
💉Use of hormonal supplements / products

Certain medications such as glaucoma eye drops may cause dark eye circles too.

Treatment usually involve not a single visit. All contributing factors should be identified and if possible get treated. 

Cosmetic manufacturers often overly optimistic with their promises in dark eye circle treatment. Treatment with over-the-counter eye creams are unfortunately rarely successful. Apart from medical grade topical creams (often include a sunscreen and a bleaching agent, or chemical peels), botulinum toxins, fillers, lasers and even surgeries may be required. 
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