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Friday, 10 November 2017

My scar did not heal well

My first surgical scar healed well but the second surgical scar doesn’t. Why?

Many factors could affect scar formation.
1. The site of less tension (less tightness) tends to heal better e.g. inner arm vs. shoulder
2. The site of better blood supply heals better, e.g. face vs. feet
3. The doctor’s skill
4. Patient factors, e.g smoking, diabetes, genetics
5. Timing of stitch removal, hygiene, absence of infection and good wound care etc.

How do minimise scar after surgery / injury?
1. Keep the area dry especially the first few days.
2. Keep the area clean.
3. Allow the wound to "breathe".
4. Consider silicone adhesive dressing.
5. Minimise movement of the area (avoid pulling or tugging on the wound)
6. If there is risk of infection, consider the use of antiseptics. Consult your doctor if there is a need for antibiotics if the wound is weepy, changing colour or foul smelling.
7. If it forms a scab, do not pick on it, allow the scab to fall off naturally.
8. Sun protection
9. Moisturiser --- but not on raw wound
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