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Friday, 8 September 2017

Expired sunscreen

I just noticed my sunscreen has expired 6 months ago. It wasn't cheap and I don't feel like wasting it. Can I still use it?

While a sunscreen may not necessary go bad immediately after the expiry date, the expiry date stated is actually the duration that the product remained effective and safe based on the manufacturer's test.

Physical agents such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide usually lasts longer than chemical agents.

If it doesn't "smell bad", it could very well still be safe to be used despite a reduced effect of protection. A reduced effect means even if you are applying adequate amount, it may not reached the labelled SPF. Most sunscreen in the market comes in a bottle of 30-50ml. If you apply it generously on all the exposed part of the body, you would have finished the bottle in no time. ;P

Since there is no way to be sure of the efficacy and safety after the expiry date and if you ask for my advice, I would have to tell you to throw it out.
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