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Monday, 31 July 2017

Bathing in Eczema

I have eczema and I'm confused if bathing is good for me. Some say bathing will make my skin worse. But I do sweat pretty easily. I usually shower three times a day because I feel itchy if I don't. Should I cut-down on my bathing?

Shower or Bath?

We don't know for sure which one is better. But we do know that spending too long with the water is not good for your eczema. Spending too long in the water might dry your skin up by washing away all your natural moisturising factor. Particularly if you use hot water to shower. Avoid scrubbing. Avoid antibacterial soap. Avoid harsh alkaline soap. Or better still, use a non-soap cleanser. Gently pat your skin dry. And always moisturise your skin as soon as you get out of baths (within 3 minutes).

How long should I spend in bathing?

Those who spend no more than 5 minutes bathing has significantly less severe eczema.

How frequent should I take a bath?

Bathing daily and twice a week does not make any difference in a study carried out in temperate country. In Malaysia, I believe you should bathe at least once a day, or maybe even more whenever you are all sweaty and dirty. Remember, sweat is an irritant that will worsen eczema as well. Just don't spend too long in the shower or bathtub.
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